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How to Make Your Own
Wind-Powered Bubble Machine

Here is one of the simplest designs of all
that you can easily build yourself. It's
basically a reproduction of the original
prototypes. They tend to be somewhat
delicate and can be crushed if stepped
on, etc. But they generally work great for
a single use item and often last for many
uses. Plus they are easy to replace and
the materials are very inexpensive.

Watch out for small hands and feet, since
kids sometimes get a little excited when
chasing bubbles...and ocassionally forget
to “not step on the bubble maker” : )
Usually you will also get better results by
placing the bubble blower (and fan) a few
feet off the ground. Setting it up so that
it's slightly out of reach may be a good
idea in many situations. ESPECIALLY
around very young children, so they can't
try to drink the soapy bubble solution –
which could make them sick.

There are endless possible
variations for
any of the different parts, so it's easy to
make substitutions with various new or
recycled materials. Once you get the
general idea they can be made from
almost anything.

For instance, the “rings” can be made
from rubber bands, twist ties, bent wire,
washers, or just holes
punched/cut/melted/etc. into the wheel
itself. Kids can make them too, but
depending on their ages you might want
to change some of the cutting aspects –
or just do those steps for them in advance.
Some Variations
"Wind Bubbles 101"
This version works great with most average sized
house fans. For small or weak fans, a smaller
bubble machine may work better – since there will
be less resistance with smaller parts. However, with
larger/stronger fans you will have a lot more wind
power to work with – and thus more
options. Given
an adequate wind source, considerably larger Wind
Powered Bubble Machines can be made using the
same basic process described below.
Wind Powered Bubble
Machines can help you
add fun to birthday
parties, weddings,
graduation & school
parties...or any occasion.

Draw more attention to
yard sales, fund raisers,
promotions, grand
openings & events.

...or just for fun.

Add bubbles to your
decorations for any party
theme - at a fraction of
the price for electric
bubble blowers.

If you're looking for
birthday party game
ideas, everyone could
make their own simple
versions... FREE!

Try making several &
give as party favors...

Mark a location to help
guests find your home.

Add a few drops of
citronella oil to help
deter mosquitoes, etc.
What you will need:
A round, plastic lid -approximately 3"-5" diameter- One from a
coffee can is ideal , but you can also use a fountain drink lid or just
cut a disk from a larger plastic container.

8-16 very small rubber bands (about 1" or less), twist ties, wire,
washers, or just about anything small and ring-shaped. You can also
get any shaped hole punch from craft stores/sections and punch
holes in the lid (above) or into 1" plastic circles that you cut from
scrap containers. For best results, the opening should be at least ½
– ¾ of an inch diameter.

A primary axle/shaft - This can be a straw, nail, pen, dowel, etc...
(a disposable ink pen can be used for both the primary axle/shaft
AND it's case/holder)

Axle case/holder - There are a couple of approaches here to
support the primary axle/shaft. You can either use a larger tube,
straw, etc. that the primary shaft can fit inside with enough room to
spin freely. Or you can use a rod, dowel or coat hanger if your
primary shaft is hollow, and can fit around the rod, etc. with room to
spin easily. One or two binder clips can often be used to hold the
axle AND attach to the container at the same time – depending on
their sizes.

Glue - Super glue gel works best with many materials, but any
waterproof glue will also work. If you're using wire or twist ties instead
of rubber bands (for the rings) then glue may be unnecessary.

Bubble Solution - The premixed type is easiest to use, but you can
also make your own with ordinary dish soap and water.

Container - You will need some sort of dish or pan to hold the
bubble solution, It should be at least a few inches wider than the lid
(above) so that it can spin without touching the sides.

Fan - The stronger the fan, the more bubbles you can make. Most
fans of at least average size will usually work fine. Some of the small
or weaker fans do not work as well.
bubble machine kit
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