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WINDBUBBLES.COM  -  Made in the USA & 100% Guaranteed!

Wind Powered Bubble Machines make lots of bubbles for any ocassion at a very low price. They NEVER need batteries & are designed to be placed in front of an ordinary house fan for best results. Our new Bubble Machine Kits can be assembled in less than 30 seconds! Wind Powered Bubble Machines have an adjustable output & a large reservoir for extended bubble production. You can make tons of bubbles for birthday parties and outdoor events. Or reduce the flow for indoor use or a lighter background effect.

To operate, just add bubble solution & place your Wind Powered Bubble Machine directly in front of a house fan. Set the fan on high speed for maximum bubbles! To reduce the output, simply lower the fan speed or move it further away. Use a fan of at least average size to get a larger output. Strong fans can have a massive output, so lower settings are generally recommended for indoor use. Small or weaker fans may have a lower output and less of an adjustable range. All types of bubble machines can also help to deter mosquitoes.

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assembled bubble blower
                Assembled Kits
$8.00 each - 36 oz
unpainted bubble machine
bubble machines
42 oz Painted Bubble Machines
$12.00 each
machine kit parts
Unassembled Kits
$7.00 each - 36 oz
2013 Summer edition - BEST version yet!

red white and blue bubble machine kit

BUBBLE SOLUTION - Any premixed brand works great, or you can save even more money by making your own with ordinary, liquid dish soap and water. Start with a water to soap ratio around 5:1 & mix lightly. Dawn or Joy are among the best brands of dish soap but most others also work fine. The cheaper brands can be a little thinner so you might need to add a bit more soap if bubbles don't form or pop too quickly. Many different bubble solution recipes are available online for free & suggested ratios vary.

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